From a SINGLE COMPONENT to an entire factory installation, let us address every need for your process facility. AEC is the place to go for all your material handling (drying, conveying, blending, feeding and material monitoring and management systems), process heating & cooling, size reduction and plant automation needs. 


AEC provides processors with industry leading FULL FEATURED PRODUCTS at WORLD CLASS QUALITY. Each of our products is designed with the processor in mind with all the innovations to maximize profit and efficiency. 


AEC's world wide customer service and installation services ensures the same reliable service and support regardless of the location. AEC knows that in today's global economy processors need a global partner to ensure the same quality for their products world wide. 

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Concor Tool and Machine is a leader in the design, manufacture, and re-manufacturing of screws, barrels, tip assemblies, nozzles, end caps and related products for the injection and extrusion molding of a very wide range of materials.   Our products can be found in a full range of machine makes, models and applications across North America and at discerning customers' sites worldwide.  Our customers include large and small operations, and multinational OEMs.  If you require process optimization consultation, conversions, upsizing or downsizing, Concor can assist you.  We invite you to learn more about how our competitive products and services can contribute to your process quality, efficiency, and production cost.  While "manufacturing company" describes what we do, "service company" better describes who we are.  "The more you know, the better we look".

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Founded in 1995, Harvard Factory Automation is committed to providing unbeatable service, innovative engineering support, and prompt delivery of superior products to the plastics industry.

Our Staff has over 50 years of manufacturing and engineering experience.

Our new state-of-the-art design and manufacturing facility in Harvard, Illinois is well equipped and flexible enough to guarantee on-time delivery of our standard and custom products.

Among the product categories that HFA manufactures and distributes are: Automation/Systems Integration, Clean Rooms and Components, Conveyors and Conveying Equipment, and Parts/Runners Separators.

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Nissei is Japan's largest builder of Injection Molding Machines. They have products ranging from 7 tons to 1500 tons of clamp pressure.

They offer horizontal, vertical and dual injection machines.

They offer hydraulic, hybrid and all-electric machines.

They exhibited the first all electric machine in industry at a "K" show in 1983. Their first commercial all-electric series of machines, the ES, has been available in the US since 1996. The new generation NEX series has achieved outstanding results and wide acceptance.

All Nissei machines are famous for their reliability, accuracy and energy saving features. Die•Mold Machinery is now the exclusive representative for Nissei America for all of California and Nevada.

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UBE continues to produce the finest in state of the art hydraulic machinery from 720 US tons to 7000 US tons, and leads the world in the production of All Electric Injection Molding Machines from 720 US tons to 3300 US tons.

Known around the world as the leader in large injection molding machine technology (720 US tons through 7000 US tons) UBE Machinery is also the global leader in die cast machinery, squeeze cast machinery, and aluminum extrusion.

UBE Machinery Inc. is the US arm of the UBE family of machinery manufacturers. Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, UBE Machinery Inc. assembles machines for the North American market in sizes from 720 US tons to 2500 US tons. Machines from 2750 US tons through 7000 tons are manufactured in Japan.

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Yushin America, Inc. (YAI) is the leading supplier of automation for the plastics injection-molding industry in the Western Hemisphere.

YAI combines Yushin Precision Equipment's world-class product development and manufacturing capabilities with U.S.-based applications engineering and integration services, providing the most complete automation solutions available to injection molders. Depending upon users' requirements, solutions range from single, stand-alone robots for sprue picking to complete “lights-out” factory automation systems involving parts removal, secondary processing, inspection, packaging, and material handling.

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