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Aida-America is the world's largest manufacturer of metal stamping presses.
They offer a complete range of presses including gap, servo, straight side and transfer presses. Also included are the economical NSU and NST series of straightside presses engineered and built in the USA.

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Swiss-made machines for polishing extra hard materials such as hard alloys, CBN, PCD, sapphire, rubies and industrial ceramics.
machines for edge honing of carbide cutting tools. 

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High precision solutions in honing and grinding.
Swiss built machines for super finishing of small bores and outer diameters where the concentrically to an inner bore is critical.

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Techni Waterjet

TECHNI is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of profile waterjet cutting systems.  TECHNI Waterjet is the only company in the World who can offer complete water jet cutter solutions utilising their own patented in house technologies for everything from the revolutionary Electric Servo Waterjet Pump to the 5 Axis Cutting Head.

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United Grinding North America, Inc.

UGA is the US based sales and service organization formed to support the products of Korber Solutions.These products include Europe's leading manufacturers of cylindrical, profile, and tool grinding machines.

Brands include: Studer, Walter, Blohm, Magerle, Mikrosa, Jung, Schaudt, and EWAG

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A Starrage Group Brand
Vertical Turn-Mill center

Solution for 6-side-complete machining S-191 

Manufacturing from bar or from blank

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Grob Group

Horizontal 5-Axis Milling and Milling-Turning Machines

These high-quality universal milling machines are available with multiple automation, control and spindle options. They are designed with easy accessibility and reliability in mind.

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A series of high quality, high precision fully hydrostatic turning machines.

Hembrug supplies some of the worlds most accurate finish  hard turning machines, a great alternative to cylindrical grinding which provides greater accuracy, more flexibility, higher productivity and great cost savings. Applications include carbide, ferrous and non-ferrous parts, hydraulic industries, die & mold making, bearings & the ballscrew nut industry.

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