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Martyn bramhall

Position: Sales

Martyn Bramhall has been involved in the machine tool industry since 1987. Martyn graduated in 1978 from Loughborough University of Technology (U.K.) with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.

DieMold Machinery, LLC

John Franchuk

Position: FOUNDER & President

John Franchuk has been selling machine tools since 1979. He started Die·Mold Machinery, LLC in 1992.

DieMold Machinery, LLC

DieMold Machinery, LLC

We strive to provide the best machine tool options for your manufacturing needs.

Kurt Franchuk

Position: Sales

Kurt Franchuk joined Die·Mold 

Machinery, LLC in 2009 after graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a B.S. in Materials Engineering.

Eric Franchuk

Position: Sales

Eric Franchuk joined Die·Mold Machinery, LLC in 2013 after eight years in the Information Technology field. He graduated in 2005 from Cal State East Bay with a B.S. in Business Administration.


TO IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS' PERFORMANCE by providing high end machinery.

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About Us

Karin Franchuk

Position: CFO & Vice President

Karin Franchuk has an extensive background in Office Management.  She was instrumental in the start-up and skillfully executes its daily operations.

Austen bramhall

Position: Sales

Austen Bramhall has been a welder/fabricator for over 13 years and owned his own custom welding fabrication business, Tucson Iron Works LLC for 6 years.

Sam Bramhall

Position: Sales

​Sam Bramhall in 2010 relocated to Southern California and began

manufacturing custom cutting tools, gaining 2 years experience on Walter tool grinding and measuring machines.